Changing the fact that art made by women

sells for 47.6% less than art made by men.

47point6 is new kind of contemporary art fair that includes some of the world’s leading contemporary women artists including The Guerrilla Girls, Sarah Maple, Swoon, Katya Grokhovsky, Karen McCoy, Andréa Stanislav and more...  The fair mixes installation, performance art, painting, sculpture, video, sound art and conceptual art with an old-fashioned drawing or too.  It is sure to make you wonder why, in this day and age, art created by women sells for 47.6% less than art made by men.  

It is worth noting that most art fairs charge artists thousands of dollars to participate and galleries take a cut of the artist’s sale.  At 47POINT6, all the artists participate for free.  They also get 100% of their sales— the point being to lower that 47.6 number.  


A very timely women's art exhibition.

Coming in 2020.

Supporting female artists of all kind.